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Gas, Electricity Or Solar

Gas, Electricity Or Solar – What’s The Big Difference?

The three main energy sources that can be utilised in any household include gas, electricity or solar. However, there are many conditions which will help choose the best option for you. People looking to build their own houses or simply renovate part of their houses may choose any one of the energy options depending on their specifications.

For instance, electricity is widely available in most homes. Gas, on other hand, might be sparsely accessible in rural or regional areas. Solar can be utilised in different areas but the problems of installing solar panels might be cause to make you think of an alternative. In saying that, sometimes the benefits will outweigh the problems. If you are debating on which energy option to utilise, factors that come into play include the installation costs and prolonged running costs.

Energy Types

Pros And Cons Of Each Energy Option

Electricity might be widely available but the usage costs can be quite expensive.

Gas is cheaper than electricity and the greenhouse gas emissions are negligible. Most homeowners rely on gas for heating purposes. However, it’s not readily available, especially in rural areas.

Solar energy is one of the most preferred choices because it’s renewable and there are no emissions during the generation process. It can be used to supplement both electricity and gas and in most cases can completely replace them. However, the installation can be quite expensive and it’s not conducive for colder regions.

Choosing The Right Energy Source For All Household Appliances

In order to reduce their energy bills each month, most people combine all energy sources. Here are some considerations when choosing the right energy source for each appliance in your home.

Hot water systems are more energy efficient when using solar power. However, electricity or gas can be used when there is insufficient generation of solar power.

Heating the house, especially during cold seasons or at night, is more efficiently achieved using gas powered appliances.

Cooking using gas is more efficient that electricity. However, most people switch between the two depending on their current situation or preferences.

Cooling during the hot seasons can be efficiently done using electricity powered appliances. Fridges work very effectively on electricity.

Normal home or kitchen appliances such as coffee machines, toasters or lighting fixtures can either use electricity or solar accordingly.

Air conditioners used for heating, cooling or ventilation can be powered by gas or electricity.

Before choosing any of these energy options, it’s important to weigh up all the pros, cons to determine the right choice for your home and your energy needs.