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Keeping Safe When Installing Electric Appliances

Guidelines to Keeping Safe When Installing Electrical Appliances. 

Electrical AppliancesElectricity has become an essential part of our lives. We use electrical appliances every day, the oven, fridge, television, heaters, coffee makers, juicers etc. Virtually all devices nowadays rely on electrical power for operation. Because we are so used to using electrical appliances it can be easy to forget that there are risks and dangers that come with their use. This article provides you with important tips to help, when installing
electrical appliances.

Before installing an electrical appliance, make sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly and take note of parts that are specific to your appliance.

Check that the appliance you are about to install is approved by a reputable consumer laboratory in your area.

Don’t install an electrical appliance on a wet surface, or install with your feet wet. This could lead to electrical shocks and could kill you.

If the appliance you are installing is of a high power rating, have it plugged in directly to a power socket and don’t overload an extension with too many appliances.
Electrical SafetyWhen installing appliances such as space heaters, heating vents and other appliances that produce heat, keep them away from combustible materials such as clothes and toys. Other appliances that produce heat such as televisions and computers should be given some clearance to allow air circulation and cooling. Check the electrical cord for kinks, cracks or frays. These, if not noticed while installing, may cause short circuiting later that may damage the appliance or even start a fire.

Do not just insert the plug to the socket. Check on the voltage rating of the plug before installing. Some devices need to be plugged to a 120 Volts outlet socket while others need to be plugged to a 240 Volts outlet socket.

Fit the plug into the outlet socket firmly, if you realize that the socket is too lose, replace it or use another one. The socket should also be in a place accessible but concealed from children.

If smoke is noticed while installing the appliances, don’t wait. Remove your appliance and return it to where you bought it.

Unplug the appliances not in use from the socket to avoid accidents by children or pets.

These tips are important while installing any electrical device. Safety is paramount when dealing with potentially dangerous electrical energy.