Are LED Lights The Best Option

Are LED Lights The Best Lighting Option For Your Home?

By now, everyone knows that standard incandescent bulbs are generally a massive waste of resources. Any Christchurch lighting electricians will tell you that they waste energy and electricity with their heat-based light source, and they need to be changed out quite often. Of course, the next big movement in lighting technology was in CFLs, more commonly known as “those little curly Q bulbs.” While more energy efficient, a lot of people feel that the gas comprising the inside of their tubes is far too dangerous. Should one of them burst, a lot of people worry about the health hazards presented by what is then presented into the environment. What if you were breathe that in?

LED Bulbs
LED bulb and simple light bulbs.Green background

Given the growing CFL concerns, a lot of people have decided to turn to purely LED driven lighting. Even big companies like GE are getting in on it, so you know one of two things is true. First of all, the trend has gotten too big to ignore. Secondly, there is clearly enough demand to warrant diving into that particular pool. When GE is on board a lighting trend, there’s no denying that it has merit. Polaroid and Philips have even entered the fray with their own LED offerings.

LED has some issues, however. Right now, they aren’t as affordable to produce (and thereby purchase) as the super cheap incandescent varieties, and they’re struggling to compete with CFLs as well. A lot of consumers out there are on shoestring budgets and have to basically vote with their wallets. Even families that know certain products are better for them in the long run (i.e. simpler matters like buying huge packs of toilet paper that cost significantly less per sheet) they might be stuck going with whatever they’re able to ford right then and there. It’s sad, but true!

LEDs also tend to put out very little light, and the light is one directional by traditional means. The likes of GE are working on new products to work around that of course, so it will only get better, but for right now it’s a lot easier to light a room with the older styles of bulbs. Again, consumers will go with what “works” better, even if it isn’t as environmentally advantageous.

One thing is sure however, LED is the next big thing in home lighting. While it isn’t quite perfect right now, you haven’t seen the last of it by a long shot.